Is Your Roof In Rough Shape?

The roof on your home is a major investment. When there’s an issue with it, it’s important to schedule roof repair right away before the problem gets worse. Make BB Roofing LLC your #1 choice for roofing services in the Lincoln or Omaha, Nebraska area.

If your roof is beyond repair – don’t panic. We handle roof replacement and installation too! Call now to make an appointment.

Let Us Resolve Your Roofing Problems

Get in touch with BB Roofing today if the roof on your property needs attention. We offer the following roofing services in the Omaha and Lincoln, NE area:

  • Roof replacement —We replace and install asphalt, metal, wood and flat roofs. Our experienced roofing specialists will inspect your roof before and after we replace it to ensure that everything is in great shape.
  • Roof repair —We can locate the source of the roof damage issue and repair it effectively. We can handle repairing any roofing issue, including severe weather or storm damage roof repair such as from hail & wind damage, roof damage from fallen trees, cracks, leaks, moisture damage, worn-down roofing materials, structural damage, aging shingles and missing shingles.
  • Roof inspection —We offer free roof inspections, which include pictures for documentation. You’ll get a full report after your roof inspection, so you’ll know if there are any hidden issues.

Call BB Roofing in Omaha & Lincoln, NE

We focus on residential roofing, but we offer commercial roofing services, too. Contact us today at (402) 890-4469 to get a free quote on roof repair or roof replacement and installation. We serve Omaha and Lincoln, NE.